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Learn how to make a website in 3 simple steps

It is time to accept that technology has simplified almost everything for us human beings. And all hail the ever flourishing trend of internet, there is little or nothing that is not available to help people around with the technological stuff. Said that, we are here to guide you the how to create a website from scratch in three simple steps. Now this article is recommended for people who are looking
forward to creating a

Personal website


Or a business website

Website Platform

The first step to how to create a website from scratch is to select a platform. In the early 2000’s websites were created using CSS or HTML code. At this time, those who understood the coding languages were leading the business of website making. With WordPress introducing CMS- Content Management Systems, making a website has become easier and more simplified for everyone.

Website builder vs WordPress:

Another option available to people nowadays is website builder software. Now with this people have been wo…